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You Found The Premier
Nutrition Research Source

Feed the Refugees Campaign:

If you want to provide food to the people who often must leave everything behind to avoid death at the hands of warlords, we will pay the postage to get it to them.  Everything goes to the needy people in war areas.

Food will go directly to starving refugees via churches and missionaries whom we know and trust.  Being in small packages instead of huge palates, it will bypass the warlords who want it for their uses.  They won't even know to look for it.

GoFoods are highly nutritious with all of Youngevity's vitamins and minerals.  They are light weight, and very compact -- perfect for carrying on a long journey.  They are dehydrated and have a 25 YEAR shelf life.  They won't perish and they can be hidden for potential use years later.  They originated as Survival Foods, but these taste great!  An average meal costs $1.74.  We accept and account for donations in any amount. We are not a non-profit yet. It takes 14-18 months.

We receive a check from Youngevity and we use that to pay part of the postage.  Depending on the destination, we may make a little or lose a considerable amount.  In the net, we're funding a fair chunk of change, willingly, joyfully.

We invite you and your friends as partners.  Just contact us.

Founders and Funders of California English School

David Mitchell is the Dean and Anita Weiser the President.
We are teaching English to students all across the globe.

Both of us are Youngevity distributors and MBA graduates (magna cum laude.)

Lessons use Video Phones with foreign students in their countries and native speakers of English, mostly in the USA. We also have an in-person campus in San Diego.

It's conversational English, which is very different from textbook English. Conversational English is helping people qualify for higher pay and better jobs, as well as enabling their future.

http://CaliforniaEnglishSchool.Com has details.

We are proud to report that part of Youngevity's profits go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.  We give there.
You can help. Go to http://WoundedWarriorProject.Org

Youngevity distributor, Christie Mach, a master at crafting semi-precious jewelry, builds gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, etc. She donates her time and often her gems, tools and wires at elder care facilities, showing delighted residents how to make their own designs.

This Website is an example of giving back to the community. It exists as a repository of research on all manner of diseases and effective treatments. Yes,  you can join it for a modest fee but Yes, you can also use it and anything in it to your advantage.  Enjoy!

"Give and it shall be given unto you, shaken, pressed down and running over."

I have found that my income changes in direct proportion to how much and how selflessly I give to other people.  So does my contentment with life.  However, the key is to focus on giving, not on what I get.

Please tell us how you're giving back to your family, friends, loved ones, community and the world.  We'd love to share your stories.