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V I D E O   C H A N N E L

California Prop 65 Notice:  Warning: Some products or packagingcontain ingredients known by the state of California to cause harm to humans. Call us at 858-538-2911 for further research or details.
We have rights to present these videos but we do not own very many of them. If one goes off the Internet, please call us and we'll replace it or record its equivalent personally.  Thanks very much.

You Found The Premier
Nutrition Research Source

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  --  asked at least three times, that is.

What's this news about the Government Reversing their stand on Cholesterol?
    In Feb or Mar, 2015, they will vindicate Dr. Wallach by stating we never needed to restrict consumption of high cholesterol foods after all. Dr. Wallach has been preaching that foreverFull report here.

Where can I get a copy of the Mineral Analysis for Youngevity products?
   It's available here, or at  On request, we'll happily mail you a copy.

What is the difference between Tangy Tangerine and BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion?

    The taste is different. About 70% of the peple like the Citrus Peach better.  Personally, our family likes the original better.  Technically, the Citrus Peach has more vegetables.  Both products are made like freeze-dried coffee.  High potency fruit and vegetable extracts, supplemented with minerals and amino acids are freeze and vacuum dried into crystals.  You can compare Supplement Facts on this website by going to the Catalog and clicking on the photos to bring up supplement facts.  You don't have to order.

Can I order a printed catalog and price list?
Sure can. They cost $7 for the Catalog and $2 for the Price list, plus about $5 for postage but you can save that money by clicking on the WHOLESALE Orders button above. You'll find wholesale and retail prices as well as a search bar on the left. If searching doesn't work for you, please feel free to use the CONTACT button and we'll get right back to you.  Or, just call 858-538-2911.
     We have Supplemental catalogs for Essential Oils, Mineral Makeup, Jewery and Clothing.

How much are shipping and tax?
Shipping is 8% of the package value, minimum $6.50.  You can get free shipping on Autoship orders of $50 or more a month.  Autoship starts after a month so in effect, you'll have to pay for the shipping on the first order, unless you want to wait a month.  Tax depends on your state and municipality.  A few things like Chocolate and Go Foods are sales tax free.  Some states like Michigan don't tax food supplements.  Some like Arizona do.

Why do you have some broken links?
     We apologize if you found one.  Please let us know and we'll fix it immediately.  We often reference excellent public domain videos for your research.  We don't violate Any copyrights, ever.  Occasionally, the video owners remove their offerings or get banned.  Please let us know.  We will remove the links and try to find quality replacements.  We'll email you with what we find.  Your health is vitally important, literally.  You are very important to us too.

Who can answer technical questions?
    Just use the contact button above -- as Nutritionists with advanced degrees, we're knowledgeable and we have intimate contact with all of the experts, including Eleven Eminent Physicians.  Youngevity Customer Service is 800-982-3197 from 8-5 Pacific time. They will put you in touch with some of the finest physicians on the planet, or Youngevity managers from A to Z.  We know most of them.

When will my order ship and how long will it take to arrive?
     UPS or the US Post Office wll take from 1-5 business days from SW California to you, not counting Sundays.  Youngevity picks, packs and ships the order in 0-2 business days, Mon-Fri only.  Backorders have occurred but are very rare.  You'll know the moment you order an item if it's on backorder, and you can cancel if you wish.  UPS automatically provides tracking numbers and USPS orders can be traced.

Oops, I ordered the wrong stuff. Am I stuck?
Call 800-982-3197 instantly!!  Then contact us so we can follow up.  If it hasn't shipped, no problem.  If it has, refuse the order.  If you can't refuse the order just return it unopened, on  your dime, and Youngevity will take it back.  They may charge 10% for restocking, but not generally.  They will refund your credit card amount as soon as the package arrives back.  Your bank may take as much as two weeks days to credit your money back so please have patience.  We'll go to bat for you.

Can I Order Books, CDs, Tapes, DVDs and Software?
Yes, we're happy to assist you, or you can call Wellness Publications at 800-755-4656.  You might even be blessed to talk to Dr. Ma Lan there.  You can also order online at http://DrJWallach.Com  Tank Kobarg (one of us) wrote Essential Nutrition and his second book is on the way.  David Mitchell (one of us) has written 19 texts on Negotiation, Marketing, MLM, Writing, Gardening, Geniusing, as well as novels.  Find them at http://MachBooks.Com or order from here.

Will you cut me a deal on quantity?
Love to.  We can't.  We already sell everything at wholesale and retail is 42.8% higher but that's the best we can do.  Nobody can sell below wholesale or they'll lose their license.  However, many items are prepackaged by Youngevity in groups at lower cost.  They're listed in the catalog.
     It is possible to get rebates on products if you Enroll as a distributor.  It costs $25. one time, forever.

How About Fast Shipping by Amazon?
     Youngevity Willl Not Guarantee any product that is stored elsewhere and not shipped directly by Youngevity. Thus, places like Amazon Prime and Fulfilled By Amazon sell products without guarantees.  We advise you only to order from an Independent Youngevity Distributor, some of whom advertise on Amazon and eBay. Just don't use one that utilizes Amazon Prime or Fulfilled By Amazon because these products sit in Amazon warehouses for an undetermined amount of time.

Do You Take These Products?
     Are you kidding?  We certainly do and it's because we are so much healthier this way.  We are poster kids.  David Mitchell recently spent Good Friday and Saturday running around the soccer field showing people how to fly professional stunt kites.  Everyone else got worn out.  He wasn't even sore the next days.  Oh, yes, he was 73 years old.  Back when he was a super-fit USAF pilot, he says, he would have been worn out with the rest and dragging from sore muscles the next days.  It's the Right Stuff: selenium, calcium and 88 other minerals, vitamins, amino acida and fatty acids he consumes..

Some items list modified ingredients. Are these GMO?
     Absolutely not!  Glad you were readling labels.  Bravo!  Simple answer: no.  Youngevity uses brown rice hulls from Canada, modified to form dissolvable capsules to keep some ingredients safe until your stomach acids can dissolve the capsules.  GMO means Genetically Modified -- an entlrely different matter.  Avoid GMO foods and Gluten, including most wheat, barley and oats, for better health.  Examine labels carefully but be aware that marketers get very tricky with labeling.  We are 100% GMO free, even our GoFoods line,

Will any given Youngevity product cure any given disease?
The FDA won't allow anyone to say yes to that, even though people used to have diseases and no longer do.  Not even physicians can claim to cure anything without violating FDA rules.  We just let the overwhelming evidence speak for itself. Dr. Wallach has sued the FDA many times (never losing) for the right to say certain supplements are effective against certain diseases.  Watch his videos!  Prepare to be astounded.

Do you sell on the Internet?
     Yes, at the same prices as here, but it's only a service to people who can't find Youngevity products. After the high Amazon and eBay fees, it's just not profitable because we sell at wholesale direct to you.  We do it anyhow to help people get well.  We have to fund our Amazon/eBay activity from other income sources.  If you buy directly from this website, you help us do that because we save a ton of money.  You can use PayPal, which is extremelyl secure.

How Can I Pay For Products?
Whatever works for you.  PayPal is extremelyl secure.  So is your credit card because of our strong security measures.  You can even send us a wire (expensive) or your personal check in the mail.  We subscribe to other payment methods like ApplePay, etc. 

Do You Stock Products?
     Just for ourselves. For 100% freshness, we have the factory send everything to you.  In an emergency, if there is a backorder, we will try to locate a fresh product just for you.  Backorders are extremely rare.

How Much should I take?
     Instructions and recommendations are always included.  In general, products come in a one-month supply for a 100 pound person.  If you're 200#, you might want to double up.  Here's the thing.  It's far better to have a little in your body than none.  You might need to start low and build up.
     Some people have sensitive stomaches.  They should start very slowly with Tangy Tangerine products, even at 1/4 of the recommended amounts or 1/8 until their bodies get used to the higher quality nutrition they're getting.  The body is expelling built-up toxins.  After a week or so, the body will be happy with the full amounts.

What does Dr. Wallach eat?
     Breakfast: four poached eggs and beverage.  Lunch: four poached eggs and beverage.  Supper: two poached eggs, salad without dressing and 4 oz. of meat, preferring beef.  Beverage is a glass of Osteo-Fx, Beyond Tangy Tangerine and often Rebound.  He takes Gluco-Gel, Selenium and EFAs. He hasn't been to a physician since he was nine years old.  I eat the same things.  Eggs can be soft scrambled, or even fried slowly at low heat, using butter, never margerine.  I fry them at near-impossibly low heat, with a transparent cover over the pan.  If the egg turns brown at the edges, it's overcooked and should be discarded.  Ordinary "fried eggs" are not good for  you

Why eat so many eggs but no fried eggs?
Watch videos by Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden and many others on Cholesterol.  It's not the "fried" part of fried eggs so much as it's the High Heat.  Even butter, but especially margarine oxidizes quickly at high heat, creating radicals that do great damage.  Antioxidants help prevent the damage.  If you want fried eggs, cook them at very low temperature.  Covering them helps them cook faster.  Dr. Glidden reports that the egg yolks should not be cooked because runny yolks are far better than cooked ones.  However, cooked egg yolks are good.  Runny yolks are better.

What are the best Antioxidants?
     News:  Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Tablets beat Triple Treat Chocolate by a factor of Ten.  ORAC 160,000.
Until recently Triple Treat Chocolate was best, hands down, in my opinion, with ultra-high ORAC and hey, it's Really Great chocolate. Tangy Tangerine is outstanding.  Imortalium is outstanding. We all consume all four around here, for very good reason.

What are the best selling products?
The Healthy Body Paks and CEO Paks, hands down. Sweet-Eze, Selenium, Gluco-Gel, EFAs, CM Creme, Kidz Sprinkles, Imortalium, Pollen Burst and Rebound are ever popular.

When can I expect good results?
It depends on you and your condition. You may have taken years to get run down.  We wish everyone could have results as dramatic as some of our customers have seen.  Reasonably, you can expect some improvement in a week or two and a lot of improvement in a month to four.  Stick with it.  Some things, like silver hair, obviously improve more slowly still.  Ask us and we'll give you a good idea, from personal experience, or connect you with someone who has had that experience. We just can't post testimonials online. It's a federal rule.

How Long do I take these products?
     Basically, as long as you eat.  You need protein, for instance and you don't cut out protein just because you're healthy.  Similarly you need calcium, zinc, selenium, tin, magnesium, vitamin A and 84 other things all the time. You need all 90 Essential Nutrients to remain healthy and to live long.  Doc's goal is for everyone to live past 100 and when they pass away only to have a birth certicate and a death certificate in their medical records.  I think 120 years is reasonable.

How can I make a living getting people healthy?
What a noble thought!  Just call us or use the contact form to write us.  Some people, like us, choose to build a fine business around Youngevity products.  Others just want some extra money at the end of the month.  How original.  Our associates make more money per capita than any other line in Youngevity, by a wide margin, because we don't push people to sell stuff.  We teach people how to be healthy and to serve others -- and the income comes in naturally. 

What Are You About?  What makes you tick?
     We believe in God and we bask in His joy.  We work hard, for our passion is to heal America and the world.
     Our three governing directives are simple and biblical:
(1) Never to hurt; always to help (even competitors),
(2) No secrets (even from competitors) and 
(3) Change all processes until they are fun.
That means we try never to criticize or change a person.  We can't change anyone.  They can change.  Instead, we focus on criticizing and changing PROCESSES to make work more fun, never painful and never secretive.

What about California Proposition 65?
     Some products or packaging may have ingredients known by the State of California to cause harm to humans. Every grocery store, drug store, gas station, plant nursury and nearly all California businesses must post this warning.  We strictly avoid such things but for legal protection must post the warning anyhow. We're happy to answer all of your questions in detail, although the research might take us a few days. Call 858-538-2911.